Mosquito Mike®

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Expert Pest Exterminator Specializing in Mosquito Control and Mosquito Misting Systems,
Fire Ant Control, Rodent Control and Flea Control in the Galveston, Texas and Tyler, Texas areas.


Have your property treated with safe and effective mosquito control services after any torrential rains or during the bug season, which typically lasts from March through October in the Galveston, Texas and Tyler, Texas areas.

We also provide professional extermination services for fire ants, fleas and rodents.

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A Professional Approach to
Mosquito Control, Fire Ant Control, Rodent Control and Flea Control

Our Story

Mosquito Mike® is a professional pest exterminator specializing in mosquito control, fire ant control, rodent control and flea control for customers throughout Galveston County and Smith County, including the greater Galveston, Texas area and Tyler, Texas area. Do not let annoying mosquitoes ruin your day, whether at home, work or at an outdoor event. Our mosquito control spray and mosquito misting systems aid in the control of diseases carried by mosquitoes and other insects, thus reducing the potential spread of infection and contamination to your family and pets.

Mosquitoes are not the only pesky creatures we experience in Texas. Fire ants, rodents and fleas can also become a burden to your home. Mosquito Mike can assist our customers with professional fire ant control so you can enjoy your yard again, as well as rodent control so you do not have to worry about rodents finding their way into your home, attic or garage and causing damage. We also provide flea control services to help control the nuisance of fleas in your home.

Contact Mosquito Mike® for services in the Galveston, Texas and Tyler, Texas areas and to learn more about our mosquito extermination services and mosquito misting systems, as well as our fire ant, flea and rodent control services. Our knowledgeable staff provides convenient solutions to your pest control problems and is available to answer any questions you may have about pest and rodent extermination.

Mosquito Mike