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Professional Fire Ant Control

Fire ants can destroy your home’s landscaping and cause painful welts on your family members and pets. The Mosquito Mike® pest exterminators are trained to provide professional fire ant control in the Tyler, Texas and Galveston, Texas areas. We will not only quickly eliminate fire ants, but we will prevent them from coming back and causing havoc on your yard.

Fire ant control benefits include:

  • Your family and pets will no longer be stung
  • Your grass and landscaping will remain healthy and vibrant
  • You can enjoy your yard and the outdoors again

Getting rid of fire ants permanently can be as painful as their stinging, burning bites. When you first notice a fire ant mound at your Tyler, Texas or Galveston, Texas area home, the best thing to do is to contact Mosquito Mike® to discuss our professional fire ant control services.

How to eliminate fire ants

To get rid of fire ants for good, the queen must be killed. The queen is the only colony member that lays eggs. If she is not destroyed at the very beginning of fire ant control, she will quickly repopulate the colony. Many home and business owners depend on professional pest exterminators to handle fire ants since killing the queen is no easy task. Real fire ant mounds run underneath the loosely piled earth that is visible to the eye. The queen is typically buried 6-8 feet underground in a complicated tunnel system.

Killing the queen and her colony permanently is better left to the professionals at Mosquito Mike®. We use safe and effective products that will not harm your family members, pets, grass or landscaping.

Once the queen and her colony are destroyed, you can spend more time with your family outdoors without worrying about painful, stinging bites. Your grass and landscaping will also revive and become healthier since the root system will no longer be disrupted.

Contact our fire ant control and pest extermination company in Tyler, Texas or Galveston, Texas
at (855) 212-2350 to make an appointment.