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Professional Flea Control

Fleas are a nuisance to you, your family and your pet. Commonly carried on other hairy animals such as rabbits, rats and mice, your family pet can become infested quite easily. Mosquito Mike® recommends all home owners in the Tyler, Texas and Galveston, Texas areas call a professional flea control company at the first sighting of the parasite. Waiting too long can lead to a troublesome infestation and painful, itchy bites on both pets and humans.

The flea is an insect that feeds on the blood of its host, commonly your family pet. Flea eggs are easily spread throughout the home when a pet scratches to relieve itching from the bites. Flea eggs quickly develop into adult fleas and the life cycle continues.

When to Call for Professional Flea Control

Flea control can be quite difficult with over-the-counter products. In most cases, a flea infestation cannot be managed by over-the-counter products and vacuuming. Professional flea control generally results in the immediate reduction of adult fleas in the home.

A licensed flea control professional, such as Mosquito Mike, will provide a detailed list of items all home owners must follow to reduce fleas in the home, such as laundering, vacuuming and treating the family pet.

During the home’s professional flea treatment, residents and their pets are encouraged to leave the home for safety. A flea control product is used throughout the home which contains two long-acting components to help kill adult fleas and developing fleas.

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