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Effective Mosquito Misting Systems

Are pesky mosquitoes taking over your yard and causing red, itchy bites? Take control with a mosquito misting system professionally installed by Mosquito Mike®. Mosquito Mike’s mosquito control misting system is customized for each home or business in the Tyler, Texas or Galveston, Texas area.

Benefits of a mosquito misting system:

  • You will no longer have to spray your family with smelly repellents before heading outdoors or breathe the smoke from citronella candles.
  • You will reduce your family’s exposure to mosquitoes that may be carrying the West Nile virus and other harmful diseases.
  • You will be able to protect your family, pets and visitors from the pesky irritation of mosquito bites.
  • You will be able to help prevent heartworm in your pet since mosquito bite prevention is an important step in preventing the potentially fatal disease.

How does a mosquito misting system work?

Mosquito Mike® takes great pride in installing mosquito misting systems at Tyler, Texas and Galveston, Texas properties. Nozzles are placed around the perimeter of the property, as well as in mosquito breeding sites. Our mosquito exterminators conceal the nozzles by placing them on gutters, pillars, fences and more.

The mosquito misting system is powered by a control unit, pump and reservoir. The system can be placed in any outdoor location with access to electricity.

The mosquito misting system provides a 24 hour mosquito barrier. The automated system mists a very fine spray 3-4 times daily, on average, with each mist lasting under one minute. The technology offered by Mosquito Mike® also allows home owners and business owners to adjust the misting schedule in case of an outdoor party, event, etc.

Mosquito Mike

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