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Pest Control Services in the Galveston, Texas area

Mosquito Mike is proud to offer professional pest control services to customers in the greater Galveston, Texas area. Our pest control team is available all year to help keep your home and business free of pesky pests and rodents.

Mosquito Mike proudly offers these pest control services:

  • Mosquito control- Our team offers high quality mosquito control services with either a mosquito misting system, spray or both. Our spray is completely safe and effective and is applied to bushes, grass and other troublesome areas around your property where mosquitoes may breed with a commercial applicator. Our professionally installed mosquito misting systems are electronically powered and automatically spray a very fine mist 3-4 times each day. Both mosquito control services also eliminate pests such as flies, spiders and other insects.
  • Rodent control- Rodents can be a nuisance for customers in the Galveston, Texas area all year. We recommend you contact our team at the first signs of rodent activity. Our pest control team will inspect and rodent-proof your property and trap any current rodents before a full infestation occurs.
  • Fire ant control- Fire ants can cause havoc on your property, and they are difficult to destroy without professional help because of their sophisticated tunnel systems. Mosquito Mike uses safe and effective fire ant control products that kill the queen and her colony for good without causing harm to your grass, flowers or garden.
  • Flea control- Fleas can also be a troublesome pest to control since they live on rabbits, rodents and family pets throughout the year. Flea control is quite difficult when utilizing over-the-counter products because of a flea’s life cycle. Our professional pest control team utilizes a product throughout your property that helps kill adult fleas, as well as developing fleas.

If you live in the greater Galveston, Texas area and need assistance with pest control, please take a moment to browse our website and learn more about our pest control services. The entire Mosquito Mike team is proud to offer fast, friendly and effective services.

Contact our pest control company proudly serving the greater Galveston, Texas area
at (855) 212-2350 to make an appointment.