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Professional Rodent Control

Rodent populations can grow very quickly and become out of control, causing the potential for extensive damage to the interior and exterior of your home. Mosquito Mike® recommends professional rodent control at the first sighting of a rodent. Waiting too long to treat your Tyler, Texas or Galveston, Texas home can lead to a full rodent infestation.

Mosquito Mike’s professional rodent control services generally involve a three-step program, including:

  • Inspection: Our trained rodent exterminators will thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your home to identify any rodent activity. Rodent activity typically includes rodent droppings, entry points, chewed wires, etc.
  • Rodent-proofing: Once entry points are found, Mosquito Mike® will seal any holes or crevices larger than ¼ inch so more rodents cannot enter the home. Mice and rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter and smaller! Our exterminators will also search for additional rodent populations in weeded areas, wood piles, etc.
  • Trapping: Trapping is required if an infestation of rodents has occurred in or around the home. After the placement of traps, it may take several days for a rodent to become trapped. Rats and mice are very cautious so many will not investigate a newly placed trap for several days. Our exterminators will check the traps regularly and remove the trapped rodent promptly.

What can you do to help with rodent control?

There are a number of items Tyler, Texas and Galveston, Texas home owners and business owners can do to assist with rodent control.

  • Make sure all open food remains closed in an airtight container.
  • Take out all trash and recycling regularly.
  • Keep the home clean of food crumbs and residue at all times.
  • Load all dirty dishes in the dishwasher or hand-wash them before bed. Rodents are very active in the evenings!
  • Keep the exterior of your home neat and clean. Rodents prefer to build nests in quiet, protective areas such as wood piles and weeded areas.

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